There was a brief amount of time before the smoke would blanket over them again, revealing the apparent tranquillity of the statue erected. A mass of bone sewn together under the strength of flesh, ‘Fury’. Amongst the crowded mess of people, rancid odours rose from the cluster. Flies gathered on backs, attracted by years of […]

Before him stood the shady, shrouded, shadowed coliseum, ominous and tall. Above the colossal structure plooms of darkness suffocated the air, the breath inhaled turned to ash in one’s mouth, the smoke from flesh filled the world and with it memories of an atrocious chief tending barbecue.

To be successful, a text must bring us moments of joy. To be successful, a text must bring us moments of joy. It is the way that characters change in a text that makes them human. Without moments of joy, a character is unable to convey their emotion, the reader is unable to connect with the […]

“Good literature enlightens, great literature inspires action.” Great literature inspires action as it can cause emotional and independent thought, it allows one to form their own ideas. These ideas that form may grow to define a person and their actions. When Winston reads the book by Goldstein Good literature at the time may be only […]

In America until 1969, interracial marriage was illegal simply because two peoples skin colours did not match. That sounds ridiculous to us, doesn’t it? All be it today, people and politicians aren’t that direct, but either way, we’re not that dumb… we all know how wrong it is to allow a woman to kill an innocent […]

“for some reason, the telescreen in the living room was in an unusual position” I first only thought of this to be Winston being lucky and allowing a hero to form inside of him, but through discussion in the class, I thought that with all the meticulous watching of people and trying to catch traitors, how could […]

Behold, our president. Trump, strong and smart, has finally been elected to lead or glorious country. No longer will the low income, poor living conditions, unwanted job stealing job stealers be able to steal our jobs. Our mighty wall shall block out the sun for these insignificant ants. Our leaders strong, large hands were the […]

To my dearest darling, womanizing, insincere and temporary love, You are my first and last love of this kind. I feel our relationship is special. That I can flirt with you, I mean love you, without any attachment or expectations gives me this elated freedom. You have removed for me all deep and holy meanings […]