21st August 2018

Practice Essay

To be successful, a text must bring us moments of joy.

To be successful, a text must bring us moments of joy.

It is the way that characters change in a text that makes them human.

Without moments of joy, a character is unable to convey their emotion, the reader is unable to connect with the world presented to them and therefore does not care about the conflicts the main character encounters. In Minority Report John Anderton experiences a great loss from the loss of his son and is able to express his heartache and trauma, along with developing his actions and motivation. However, it is when he is presented with the possible happy future that would have occurred had his son survived that we truly connect with the character and their emotions, as it is the joy that the viewer is able to relate to.

Humans rarely change, it is the ideas that create who they are which change. It is the change in a person’s beliefs that alter their actions. Through this transformation, the characters, that are presented to the viewer, become more human. 

Analyse how colour was used to highlight a particular idea

The colours reflex the ideas of the state and sanities. Individuality removed. All under a big spotlight. Who gets to avoid the exposure, as represented by the overexposure. ch

The colour in Minority report is used to represent the control and scrutiny the state has over the citizens of the district of Colombia. 

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