5th July 2018


In America until 1969, interracial marriage was illegal simply because two peoples skin colours did not match. That sounds ridiculous to us, doesn’t it? All be it today, people and politicians aren’t that direct, but either way, we’re not that dumb… we all know how wrong it is to allow a woman to kill an innocent unborn baby, that is just common sense to us.

As a Kiwi living in New Zealand, I am proud we are all leading the way by not allowing this cruelty to occur in our country. our society understands and recognises that this isn’t about freedom of choice at all, the legalisation of abortion is about escaping the consequences of murder. You’ve all seen those uncivilised barbaric people that are stupid enough to think that woman should be allowed to murder simply because it’s “MY body, MY choice.”, it’s as dumb as saying “because I gave birth to someone, I can kill them if I want”.

laugh they say stuff like “a baby isn’t a person yet, they aren’t human, it’s not murder”, this argument is flawed, what makes a human a human, these murderers decide who is human and who isn’t depending on whether they want a child or not, last time I heard of people deciding who is human and who isn’t, it ended in a civil war.

At what point are people not allowed to kill others, when does it become convenient to kill people like defenceless unborn children, just because they can’t look after themselves? The elderly can’t, the disabled can’t, and yet they can’t legally kill them. This type of selective choosing of life has only ever come from the Nazis and deranged criminals.

Let’s humour them though, let’s say a woman can kill her unborn baby because it is inconvenient for her. Why do people who think abortions should be legal believe that their convenience is more important than a humans life? I can’t see where they draw the line, I doubt it’s convenient to raise a teenager if they’re sneaking out, drinking, doing drugs, will a cruel impatient mother in the future be able to murder them because of it?

Ask a girl, hypothetically if you were having a baby with your partner and you weren’t sure if you were ready yet, would you talk to your partner, be empathetical and considerate to their opinions and feelings? 

Now guys think about this you are in a relationship, and you are having a baby and get into an argument and she decides to terminate the baby because she is mad at you or because you had a fight. She has gone ahead and killed a human over such a petty reason, that sounds ridiculous to us… but, who knows, that could happen to any one of us men if abortion was legal.

ask girl “do you believe abortions are a good thing”

if yes and what do you think of the high risk of dilatation and curettage? … or the risk of a compromised immune system, such as septicaemia which has the potential for the irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions?

As I thought. Many people who believe that abortions are good and should be legal are poorly informed and join the bandwagon that “a woman should be allowed to abort because it is her body, her choice” most don’t know that unborn babies are able to hear or feel pain during the abortion.

People are using abortion as another form of contraception. basic science says to never abort unless the woman is likely to die or be injured mentally or physically.

Scientists have found that many women who have had an abortion may experience infertility, depression, serious relationship issues, and guilt. Polls and studies indicate many women regret their decision in the weeks, months, or years to follow. A 2007 survey found that 82% of women either felt guilt and/or regretted having the abortion. 82%, that is most of the women who abort, there are plenty of viable options if a woman was unable to care for a precious child, giving that baby the opportunity to live.

Adoption is a viable alternative to abortion and accomplishes the same result. And with 1.5 million families wanting to adopt a child in America alone, there is no such thing as an unwanted child, and yet many people are still willing to murder a child and destroy their possibility to experience life and be with a family that wants them only because it does not suit them or is not what they want.

We all know and have heard of the points I have raised, it’s because they are valid. We’ve heard the counter arguments and they fall short, they make little sense and are not supported by anything besides feelings and emotions. I am only here as a humble representative of us, the people, to remind you that you are all correct, abortions are wrong, and one day the rest of the world will be able to see how wrong abortions are, and we can make the world great again.

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